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 Vestibulum | Sed vulputate

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UHW provides professional services and training in archaeological conservation, scientific analysis of artefacts, and “experimental archaeology” to re-create early crafts such as iron smelting, bronze casting, glass and pottery production.


It happens more often than you would think, that members of the public find archaeological artefacts, even in their own back garden. Intentional burial of ‘grave offerings’ was common practice from the Bronze Age, through Roman and Early Anglo-Saxon times, right up until the early Medieval period, after which most of the population of Southern England converted to Christianity and ended the custom of burying food and other material things for the dead.

Archaeological artefacts have cultural value far beyond any monetary value. By reporting chance finds to the ‘Portable Antiquities Scheme’ and talking to professional archaeological conservators & conservation scientists at UHW, you contribute to understanding our past.

If you’ve found artefacts in the local area and would like to know more about them, and how to look after them, then please get in touch with us at